World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day

Posted on 11th July 2019

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Heather Ashton. Today this great lady reaches 90 years of age. She is the only person to have undertaken in depth research into the problems of benzodiazepine drugs that have been known since the 1960s. This day, July 11th, is now used to spread awareness of the dangers of these drugs. 

Nobody has continued her research and we are just left with her manual plus anecdotal evidence from benzo sufferers accumulated over the last 50 years to help us through. Even today, all these years later, benzos are still being prescribed for longer that the recommended two weeks. Sadly, many in our trusted medical profession prefer not to recognise the dangers of these drugs and continue to harm patients by misguided prescribing. It’s no wonder there are approximately 100 groups on Facebook devoted to various aspects of suffering from these drugs. I have compiled a list of 70 of them and will continue to add to them as new groups are formed. I’m not sure they all serve a constructive and informative purpose but they do demonstrate the extent of the suffering out there. Today lets unite and get the dangers of benzos up front and into the public arena. 

I’ve suffered the effects of these drugs now for 48 years, don’t let anybody else have to go through so many years of suffering. 

Happy Campaigning Benzo Cavaliers.

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