You Are Not Alone

Posted on 12th September 2019

Some brief advice today.....

*Be patient. Going onto prescription meds is easy. Getting off them is not.
*Get help. This is a medical issue. Make sure you’ve got a healthcare professional at your side (if possible and if you have a supportive and knowledgeable doctor).
*Set reasonable goals. Allow your tapering process to be as lengthy as necessary to feel comfortable and in control then...
*Plan you taper with informed help and as you can tolerate as this is different for everyone.
*Add no further drugs and keep clear of supplements if possible.
*Never forget you are healing as soon as you make the decision to do so and start your taper.
*Keep positive and try not to dwell on each symptom as it pops up. Get reassurance as you need then let it pass.
*Stay strong. And remember you’re not alone.

There are many here in the same place as you are so always remember you are not all on your own in this. Thousands have recovered and you will as well. 💜

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