Healing & Coping Hints

Healing Hints

See below for some helpful healing hints

Make a Plan

Remember Everybody is Different

Benzo Belly

Stages of Recovery

Helpful Healing Hints

Frequently Asked Questions

If you wish to discuss symptoms please join our symptom survival group... https://www.facebook.com/groups/148237660464535/

This post answers for you some of the recurring problems in benzo withdrawal that surface over and over in the group and over the years with very quick answers...

What can I eat as I seem to react to lots of foods?

What can I ‘take’ to help me sleep?

What supplements support withdrawal?

Can an antidepressant or antipsychotic help me get off Benzos?

Can I take a Z drug for sleep?

How long before I get better?

What can I do about such and such a symptom

Is there ‘anything else going on'?

Has anyone taken... to help their withdrawal as I want to try this?

What antibiotics are safe?

How should I taper, cut pills, liquid taper, weighing pill etc?

Should I updose or reinstate my benzo as symptoms are so bad?

Why am I worse now than weeks/months ago?

Why do I feel worse at different times of the day?

Can I take such and such a prescription medication to help my symptoms?

Coping Hints

Each day read a coping tip and try and put it into practice. It will help divert a little from focussing on the bad symptoms. You may not be well enough to do them all but have a go at those that appeal to you and could help.


Relax to Music

Help Others

Keep Going

Go into Nature


Feel Gratitude

Focus Forwards

Use Art as Therapy

Get Touchy Feely

Eat Healthily

Value Yourself

Use Your Brain

Challenge Negative Thoughts

Reduce Exposure to EMF

Get plenty of Omega 3

Keep Moving

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