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beating benzos curved road

The Daily Mail, UK Nov 2022

More recognition today in the Daily Mail for Benzo victims…..

The NICE guidelines for doctors here are informed by the Ashton Manual but doctors rarely follow these.

How only helpline for victims of prescription pills faces closure

I’m not sure why it says the only helpline as we do also have what was formally known as BAT and now Postscript 360.

Turned Into Drug Addicts by Their Doctors....Daily Mail

September 2017

"The people driven to the brink of suicide - by pills designed to treat depression"

Tranquilliser Trap, The Pain of Pill Addiction. The Irish Examiner

July 21 2017

Prescription Drug Addicts Should Have 24 Hour Helpline, Doctors' Urge

Oct 23 2016

Excellent documentary on Benzos and their Withdrawal

Click here to watch The Benzodiazepine Medical Disaster documentary.

Luke Montagu wins Benzo Payout

July 18 2015

Please scroll down for his full story in the Times magazine.

Co Pilot, Andreas Lubitz on Anti Anxiety Drug

How sad this article is. The pilot was on Lorazepam. April 2 2015

The Deadliest Prescription Drug in America

Feb. 9 2015

GPs warned to steer clear of the tranquilliser trap

Jan. 16 2013

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