The Journey

Posted on 19th September 2020

Some wise words from an unexpected place (romantic novel). 

‘....How you approach a long car journey is a lot like how you approach life, if even before you set out, you view it as a trial, likely to be full of unexpected obstacles, either frightening and full of dangerous possibilities, or slower and more wearying than you might have wanted, then that is probably how you will experience it.

Or you could learn to see each journey as an opportunity - to spot something new and unexpected, to think - each full of possibilities and diversions that could lead somewhere totally unexpected. You could find simple joy in the act of moving forward.’
Jojo Moyes

This is the last paragraph in a novel I have just finished. Very true words that can well be applied to our benzo journeys. Imagining the worst scenario before even starting a taper could cause more difficulties while distraction through learning new skills is one way to move forwards. if you're creative maybe take up painting or drawing or other skills with your hands that can help distract you. I enjoyed colouring for awhile as it didn't require a lot of concentration and doing cryptic crosswords. It's amazing what you may find yourself good at, hidden talents! 

Also, just learning how to better deal with life problems that we all face at some time or another, without a benzo is a new skill. Coming through and reaching the end of your journey will make you wiser and more appreciative of life. 

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