Symptoms are not You!

Posted on 9th April 2017

I came on to the group this morning to find several posts listing symptoms. Please remember you are not your symptoms but someone experiencing an illness that is way beyond our understanding. Whatever is happening in your body the real you still exists underneath it all and is waiting to emerge. Don't give these horror symptoms the time of day or you'll think you have just about every illness diagnosed and labelled by mankind.

Everybody experiences this differently. We may have permutations of the same symptoms but how we react to them and the amount of fear we attach to them is totally individual and dependent on genetics, personality, traumas in life and so forth. We support each other in the knowledge that we're individuals and whatever is happening in ourselves we have to give as much positive reassurance as we can to those alongside us in this.

Symptoms cause us to look inwards and even other people's symptoms cause us to look inwards to see if we have these as well! I know I've done this myself in the early days. In order to distract from what's going on in our bodies it's good to try and focus outwards, perhaps on all that we can be grateful for in life, on the beauty of nature, the warmth of the sunshine and so forth. I know and understand how difficult this is but I'm also aware that the symptoms we experience are transient and can be made more intense by focusing on them.

With lots of positive input, gentle reassurance and love the brain is helped to readjust and return to normal functioning. In the meantime it's going to throw up numerous, inexplicable symptoms as it attempts to get all the neural pathways functioning normally again. It can be a nightmare and a test of endurance for the strongest of us but it can also be helped along the way by acceptance and not fighting this rebuilding process. When these pathways have been firmly established and we realise full health again then life will be better than we can imagine.

My Love to you all and may all your symptoms fade away to reveal the new you as quickly as possible. ❤️

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