Crash Bang Update

Posted on 28th August 2015

This is a quick update and a thank you to those that have emailed recenty. I continue in this last wave but I'm ok and I am able to cope with the symptoms as they wreak their usual havoc. It seems I'm unable to handle any outside stress at present and I've had several stressors recently which caused this present, difficult and lasting wave.

Once through I will be more positive again but always remember you are not me. Everyone's journey is very different and there are many permutations of recovery and many permutations of symptoms. Keep on your own path and know, that beyond doubt, it will all end eventually. Read positive messages and watch positive videos and please don't absorb the horror stories. Always look on a wave as healing as it nearly always brings us to a better place. Waves are the body and brain reorganising and finding a new homeostasis. Never forget  'Everyone Recovers from Benzodiazepine withdrawal'.

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