Negative Thinking

Posted on 7th April 2016

I've just written this on the Facebook group and believe it's worth emphasising here as well. Positive thinking really does aid withdrawal so be mindful of your thoughts at all times.

Withdrawal generates negative thinking.....'I'm going to be like this forever', 'I'm getting worse every day' etc. Please be aware that dwelling on negative thoughts or even verbalising them can make them worse. If you have a negative thought try and replace it with a positive one quickly to counteract it. I know how hard this is but I also know it does help with recovery and stop us panicking over symptoms. I followed the Gupta program for several months which helped me realise the necessity to keep negativity to the minimum. We all know the saying 'We are what we eat' but also remember, 'We are what we think'. Gupta uses a complicated routine of 'stops' every time a negative thought comes into your mind. I still use that routine in a shorter way to try and keep negative thinking to the minimum. 'Stop, stop, stop' is my mantra when negativity creeps in plus 'I can do this and be happy and healthy again'. I also use the meditations and other advice. I had a Gupta therapist for several sessions and she was a great help but this was when in tolerance withdrawal before I realised what was wrong with me. It still helps me today.

Beating Benzos was started to try and provide positive help for those suffering a rough withdrawal or wanting to withdraw but needed support. It's hard not to be scared by some of the suffering we read about but always remember everyone is different, nobody experiences all possible symptoms, no two people have the same withdrawal even if on the same drug for the same amount of time, not everyone has a bad withdrawal and above all everyone recovers in their own time. My Love to you this Thursday morning. 💜

I continue towards full recovery, still fragile but longer Windows are the norm as bad symptoms fade. I do believe that my positive belief in my own recovery has helped me get through this mammoth withdrawal journey. If I'd lost hope and dwelt only on the negativity I don't know if I would have made it this far.

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