World Benzo Awareness Day, Today

Posted on 11th July 2017

This is a belated Blog post to celebrate World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day today. Thank you to all those that have contributed in their own way to get this day and the dangers of Benzodiazepines recognised everywhere.

David and I did our own small part and collected tributes to Heather Ashton to paste into a birthday card for her. She is the ‘unsung hero’ behind the Ashton Manual and the only recognised authority on Benzodiazepines although she is 88 today. The group can be accessed on  so please add your own tribute to this great lady. It will never be too late as the group will remain open and further tributes sent to her at intervals throughout the year.

I'm very much better at the moment, sleeping and feeling clearer in my head. My memory is finally returning. I am still under a lot of stress but coping so much better now. The odd bad day here and there may persist for awhile but these are bearable and I feel strong and able to deal with anything life throws at me. 

It may not be appropriate to wish everyone ‘A Happy World Benzo Day’ but I'll do it anyway and add its going to get better for you all. 

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