A Message of Encouragement

Posted on 12th June 2017

All is well and my recovery continues in spite of the stressful time I'm going through one way and another. Our chosen property to buy fell through last week and we have now started the buying process on another. The buying and selling of houses in England Is just another kind of nightmare!

I thought I would add my message written on my Facebook page today to my Blog for encouragement to all who read here....

Every day I wake up and examine just how I'm feeling. Am I ok or is the adrenaline cursing through my veins and causing me to tingle and rev? More and more now I'm waking ok. It does get better but sometimes the progress is so slow it's difficult to see. I then take a look at my messages and afterwards move on to my Facebook page and Beating Benzos to see if anyone needs words of encouragement. I am saddened always by the cries for help and the posts that declare a person is dying from their symptoms or can't go on any longer. This is written in response to all those cries for help and all those messages of despair and all the wonderful people who answer those calls....

You are not going to die and you can keep going. The human body is an amazing machine and can sort itself out but the process is very hard and more than anybody should have to endure in a lifetime. However, endure this we somehow do and move from day to day through an unfolding nightmare that eventually, sometimes very slowly, begins to release us into the person we were always meant to be. It's holding on as we suffer this readjustment that is the hardest part. That's when the cries of agony are heard all over the Benzo Facebook groups again and again. Always they receive a response even though those giving their support are suffering and in agony themselves. It's incredible that so many people can lay aside their own torment and lend a supportive ear to someone else, THANK YOU. If we can take just one thing from our recovery it should be how remarkable the human spirit is, how much it can endure and how much it can empathise.

Things will change and the tide does turn so never lose your way just keep hanging on with the help of the amazing warriors battling this alongside you. You are healing, you are recovering and you will be well again.

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