Posted on 6th December 2017

Acceptance, probably the hardest word that we hear in withdrawal. How on Earth are we supposed to sit back and accept all the suffering. Of course we can’t, it’s natural to search for ways to overcome an intolerable situation. However, My recovery has not come through some miraculous herb or some intricate method of training the mind but through my own acceptance of what is and what I can’t change. Once this is understood and believed in we are set free to live each day to the best of our ability and to be grateful for what we do have. It’s then that healing is allowed to happen.

I get saddened when I see people suffer from trying so many different products or trusting unknowledgeable therapists who can heighten fears that something else is wrong. Of cause a therapist who has suffered Benzo withdrawal and who is able to support recovery is totally different and can be trusted. On the whole though please trust and accept yourself. Don’t turn to others apart from friendship in withdrawal, just do your best to live without fear of the multitude of symptoms and without fighting them. They exist, they are real but they are temporary and will probably go faster if you leave them be the best you can. Always remember to completely love and accept yourself whatever happens in withdrawal.
My Love to all Beating Benzo Warriors. 💙

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