Acceptance Again

Posted on 1st May 2018

In addition to a previous post on Acceptance, the hardest part of all this is to keep accepting even when recovery is taking years and years. This is a post I wrote on the Facebook group today in response to a member seeking answers for his long recovery.

I believe, and please take this in friendship, when you stop looking for answers you will start recovering. The constant search that many people undertake to try and find those elusive  answers to an unsolvable problem only serves to increase the misery. Sadly there is nothing proven and everything has the potential to cause setbacks according to your own make up. You can test every system in the body, every vitamin deficiency, scan every organ and still end up no better off but with just a lot of added stress from the investigations plus even some low readings that make you think you must take this that and the other only to find you’re in a worse state when you do.

I’m not trying to deter you from trying because it’s human nature to believe that there must be something to help us when so ill. Benzo withdrawal crashes the very foundations of our understanding even our lives to find we’re all alone in this and nobody and nothing can help us. It’s scary but it’s also bringing us through a huge learning curve so we can never be the same again. Once we learn to rely on that innate wisdom deep within ourselves and let the healing happen in ways that are right for us then the miracle of resilience and finally full recovery step in. True acceptance and surrender are hard to do but they have proved to be the only way for me and for others to finally start to see the light. Love 💙

I continue to recover after the antibiotic setback. It’s now four months and I still live day to day doing my best to accept whatever each day brings without resistance and with true faith in myself that ‘All will be well’ eventually.

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