Christmas is Coming

Posted on 16th December 2015

At this time of year there's always a lot of added stress so any withdrawal problems are likey to ramp up a bit. In spite of this I'm a lot better than I was a year ago and just looking forward to a very quiet celebration this year with my husband. The main reason for lack of family visits is that my sons are suffering problems of their own. One has been in hospital and awaits an operation while the other has a mother-in-law also in hospital. My symptoms pale into insignificance with those they are facing. I'm actually looking forward to a quiet time and doing our own thing.
I am continuing with my final recovery with various dips into the valley of despond along the way. Mostly the pain symptoms have reappeared and I'm believeing this is just another group of symptoms that my brain is now in the process of repairing. In spite of this I'm getting out and about and my head is a lot clearer.
A very Happy Christmas to all following my website and may Christmas 2015 bring some respite and even full recovery for you.

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