Iatrogenic Illness Awareness Month

Posted on 4th October 2014

October is Iatrogenic Illness Awareness Month.

What is an Iatrogenic Illness??? It is one caused by the very drug or medicine used to treat you....

In my case I was prescribed sleeping tablets for my early menopause.  After being on these medications, used to treat the insomnia caused by this, they actually created a much worse, disabling condition as you will be aware if familiar with my Blog. I am now off the harmful medication but the Iatrogenic illness I continue to suffer is severe... Chronic pain with stiffness... Arthritis... Fibromyalgia...  Foggy head.... Insomnia and night sweats.... Itchy skin sensations... Stomach cramps and digestive problems.... Food intolerances.... Full painful ears.... Poor concentration... 'Flu like symptoms and so on...... All caused simply by a medication prescribed by my doctor. Yes... and it gets worse, way worse.... Many with Iatrogenic Illness suffer needlessly for many years after the harmful toxins and meds are removed from the system. This appears to be my fate at nearly two years off the poison.😥

I continue to battle through pain and drowsiness as in my previous post but have managed a few days away just doing what I can when I can. We went on Safari to Longleat, scary but I remained calm even at close quarters to lions and tigers. The relentless symptoms have worsened on my return home. Going away offers distraction which helps but doesn’t cure. The desire to be ‘normal’ again and doing ‘normal’ things is very, very strong but it seems can't be rushed.

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