Polydrugging and Petitions

Posted on 14th July 2015

I’m horrified and sickened by the truths that have been revealed after reading through my medical notes. My story is worse that I imagined and the high doses of many benzos explain why my life has been thrown into disarray for years and years. I was polydrugged up to the eyeballs with insane combinations of benzos. I’m now even more determined to bring all this out into the open and throw it into the faces of those that are to blame. I read over and over again that it’s been done before over the last thirty years then why on earth is it allowed to still happen? It really is a huge scandal and I urge anyone reading this to help take up the fight. We need to save lives and the only way this is going to happen is to get prescribing laws changed. Later, I’m going to summarize my prescriptions and huge doses of benzos to make my case even stronger. I was polydrugged by benzo after benzo for years. Something has to be done . My Drug History  is here.

At this point in time I have a petition running but it’s oh so slow. There have been other petitions in the past but all have failed through lack of support. I'm determined to at least get mine through the door of 10 Downing St. So where are all those suffering? I find it hard to understand why there aren’t queues of Benzo sufferers waiting to sign. Perhaps this lackadaisical attitude is why this travesty goes on year in and year out and will continue ad infinitum if the victims don’t stand up and shout for justice. If you haven’t yet signed then please do. Always remember you are helping to save lives, not only lives that will be devastated and inhibited by these drugs but also lives that will be lost because the sufferers believe themselves mentally ill or so sick from tolerance or withdrawal that they seek relief in suicide.

If nothing else the petition will prove the extent of the suffering and the need to make change happen. With just 511 signatures so far I refuse to believe that this is representational of the supposedly worldwide crisis. I need the support to present it to all the necessary authorities and to provide evidence that there really is a crisis that needs to be addressed.


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