Rebuilding Yourself and Others

Posted on 18th June 2020

Most of the posts on the Facebook group for Beating Benzos are seeking help for all those numerous, inexplicable symptoms that can be inflicted on each person during their recovery from Benzos. I’ve written many times about not focusing on symptoms as YOU are NOT your symptoms. These are happening in order to rebuild your broken body and brain and reconstruct them into a stronger and wiser human being. This takes time and needs the right support.

Just as builders work to a plan and collect their bricks, mix their cement and have their colleagues help alongside them so you must make a plan, collect your coping tools, learn about the process, and ask your friends to help as necessary. However, any building has many parts; it has walls, windows, doors, a roof and so on and each part needs a different material as it has a different function and needs constructing in its own time.

Please try and collect together your own knowledge on how to rebuild yourself and don’t focus on each tiny aspect of that rebuilding program. No building can be completed if the windows were made before the walls were constructed or the roof completed without those same walls.

I know this is an allegory but it can be applied to what I’m reading here today. Take each step in turn and don’t look towards the future or back to the past. Build on a strong foundation of knowledge as you start your taper process. Make your walls those of knowledge and understanding and try not to worry about each part of the recovery process as it unfolds for you. You will have different symptoms that may appear at different intervals as you do your own reconstruction. Let them come in the time that is right for you and let everything fall into place as it will.

Also, and very important, remember those colleagues building alongside you. They are just as important as you are and they are helping you build your new you so please help them rebuild themselves as well. Don’t pull their walls down with your own fears, instead help make them strong with encouragement and praise as they’re working just as hard as you are. A strong, resilient building can emerge from the rubble of benzo withdrawal for everyone with the right materials, the right mindset and the right support.

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