Sad Times

Posted on 25th June 2016

In my opinion yesterday was a sad day for what was Great Britain but as with benzo withdrawal we now have to move forwards whatever the future holds. Britain has returned to the dark ages and overturned all that our forefathers died for in two world wars, peace and unity in Europe, and gone backwards creating a little, disunited Country. It will take many years to rebuild our strength and it's unlikely I will see recovery in my lifetime. But, that's what the people voted for and there's no way out now. I only hope our leaders have emergency plans in place for what is to follow. All we can do is hold on.

This is so similar to what happens to us in Benzo withdrawal. The euphoria of the good times and the realisation that they don't last as we plummet to the depths of a wave yet again. We have to survive these episodes of horror and accept what's happening however much we hate it all. We must trust in the process, trust in ourselves and one day we'll throw off the shackles of despair that bind us and go into a glorious future. We can do this.

This may have been a sad day for a once Great Britain and United Kingdom but it was a happy one for my family with the addition of a new baby boy. Something to celebrate in the darkness. My recovery continues but not without its blips, these are of little consequence now as time goes on. 

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