Posted on 4th June 2014

I’m sitting here writing this with my nose streaming, red, sore eyes, dry skin, itchy ears and bad cog fog.  It seems, at this point in time, I’m sensitive to everything. It’s really hard to identify any one substance or foodstuff that can trigger the allergic response. I believe it was the face cream I used this morning.

I couldn’t stand the dry skin any more so applied just a little of a mild, Boots’ day moisturiser. Since that minimal application my symptoms have flared.

I know I’ve had drug and supplement sensitivities during tolerance and full withdrawal and have avidly avoided any of these. I’m aware just a tiny bit of aspirin can trigger a rough day.  If I needed medical treatment of any sort its hard to know what would happen.

I now seem more sensitive than ever and since last writing I’ve had a bad wave plus these allergy symptoms. This wave was the result of less than a teaspoon of flaxseed added to my breakfast or lunch for obvious reasons. I needed the roughage to keep me regular. I was ok initially then after a few days the pain and foggy head became unbearable. I was waking in the night with worse sweats than ever and could hardly move to turn over. My whole body was stiff and painful as if the pain was flowing through me. I’ve never regarded flax as a supplement but, oh dear, it is foreign to our bodies and anything ‘foreign’ for me causes an eruption throughout my system. I stopped the flax. A few days later the worst of the symptoms have disappeared but the allergic rhinitis, sore eyes and itchy ears remain to flare up worse than ever if they’re further encouraged by another onslaught on my body, this time possibly the face cream.

I hate this sensitivity but it seems common to many in withdrawal and I can only hope that, once again it will, one day, leave me for good. For the moment I have to watch everything I put in my mouth, on my skin or even inhale. Chemical household cleansers can be a nightmare.  What havoc all this plays with our brains and bodies and how unbelievable it must seem to those able to go about their lives not worrying about what they eat, smell or use on their bodies. I must admit I’m envious!

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