Posted on 20th March 2018

I’m sorry I’ve tended to let my website and Blog lapse. This is mainly because I’ve suffered a severe setback from an antibiotic taken before Christmas. I’m soldiering on but I have new symptoms and I’ve been unable to function on many days. I’m not writing more as this is just a quick update after so long and I want to send love to everyone who has followed me through this and given me support.

I have bad pain in my teeth but the cause can’t be found. It seems it’s likely to be something to do with the nerves in my teeth and disruption of the pain pathways in the brain. The antibiotic was taken for a suspected abscess which it turned out I didn’t have. Not a lot I can do but see if it passes and possibly have teeth out but I’m reluctant to do this. I’d be interested to hear from anybody else who has suffered from such pain during their recovery. 

I will be back when I have more positive news as I think so much has been said on previous posts which I don’t want to repeat. 

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