The Anchor

Posted on 1st April 2020

I have a blank page in front of me and wondering what to write? Sometimes nothing jumps out at me immediately and there’s very little I haven’t said before. We are in the midst of a world crisis but benzo withdrawal doesn’t allow for that it still imposes what can be relentless, inexplicable symptoms. All the present trauma does is add to the anxiety.

Nevertheless here’s what’s just come into my mind. We are all connected in one way or another and not merely by the symptoms we are facing from benzos but by the very truth of being human beings. We live, breath, function and survive in the same ways. However, this pandemic has caused us to become physically isolated from one another. It’s something unnatural to the human race as we’re sociable creatures and live in social units. In spite of this we are still connected and not merely by technology, we are connected by something that lies behind our thinking and is linking us all together. Some may call it spirit, some God and some wisdom or source, I call it the universal mind. It’s from here that everything originates, plants, animals, humans even the the planet we live on. It’s going to be there for all of us at all times from our birth to our death and even beyond death. It’s knowing there’s something greater within us all that can help make any traumas in our individual lives more bearable.

This may make sense to a few of you but even if it doesn’t I assure you that the present symptoms you’re facing are going to ease over time. Somewhere, far beyond all the suffering either through benzos or the world crisis, lies an anchor that is going to keep you grounded and keep you safe throughout your journey. You will make it through, you are resilient, strong and brave with great power within you.

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