The World Crisis

Posted on 19th March 2020

We are in lockdown here in the UK. As David and I belong to the group of vulnerable over seventies all we can do is sit tight. I’m not going to write about the virus as every post on my Facebook feed this morning does this and further whips up the frenzied anxiety out there in the world. I don’t know why people do this and what their reasons are but they are of no help to the elderly and the vulnerable who need to keep calm.

Instead I will write about the wonderful people in our communities willing to help and to be on call when needed. About the shop keepers putting themselves at risk daily to bring food to our tables. The nursing and medical staff caring for those hospitalised, the drivers on public transport and all the wonderful people sticking to their jobs in spite of the pandemonium. These are our heroes.

Good will come out of this as good finally triumphs in everything. You can see for yourselves the rapid changes that are happening in community spirit and the need to stop thinking merely of ourselves, to stop panic buying, to stop travelling the world just for self satisfaction and so forth. We all belong to the human race and we all suffer it’s shortcomings in one way or another. Now it’s time for change.

All we have learnt in dealing with benzo withdrawal is going to help us tolerate the storm that faces mankind at present. In fact we could actually be stronger than our neighbours who have never known adversity and never had to endure suffering. Please don’t let the panic and world news cause you increased anxiety. Practice all the techniques you can to keep yourself calm, EFT, Breathing, Meditation, Mindfulness and Affirmations..... There will be something for you to hold on to. Others will be here for you to give love and support as you continue your recovery from Benzos in a difficult world situation. We are strong and we are survivors.

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