Thoughts on Alternative Therapies

Posted on 20th August 2016

As we go through the turmoil of tolerance to benzos or withdrawal from them, if anything like me, you will be continually searching for answers to make it all the more bearable. There's so little that's proven to help us and more often than not any supplements, herbs, drugs etc will make matters far worse. I thought I was strong enough to now start to try a few alternative treatments but realise I'm far too sensitive still and must not upset the status quo or I react. It seems even the mildest of herbs act like drugs for me and cause a problem so I'm leaving them for the moment. I'm still persevering with my diet plan and actually losing a little weight!

I think it's really hard for anybody who hasn't endured benzodiazepine drugs and their horrendous recovery syndrome to possibly appreciate just how bad this is and how much stress it causes for our bodies often for many years afterwards. The anxiety bears no resemblance to the normal anxiety anybody suffers even in anxiety diagnosed illnesses such as GAD. All we can do is hold on and survive. Sadly some die from seizures, strokes, heart attacks or escape the horror through suicide. We can't hide these facts. I don't want to scare people but it's a warning to keep your nervous system as calm as possible without the added stress of further drugs or even so called natural substances. Of course the gentler therapies such as meditation and yoga can often be well tolerated and may help to keep the body and brain at peace to heal.

For me I believe as the CNS calmed so the histamine was released into my blood stream and caused the problems I've suffered for these last few months, hives and itching. The drugs do act as antihistamines and so down regulate histamine receptors as well as GABA. I know diet can assist the process of recovery but sadly it can't heal. Following a good diet, as I've outlined before, is beneficial generally throughout life but sadly here, in withdrawal, any drastic changes while we're so fragile and sensitive may increase the turmoil. Only time can heal the brain and this needs to be supported with a healthy lifestyle when we're able to function a little but without overloading our compromised bodies with extra stress. I'd love to find a diet that's full proof for everyone or a supplement to smooth the journey but of course I can't just as I can't find a therapy that brings relief to all. It's very individual and following what suits us is the way forwards.

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