Posted on 16th June 2020

Vulnerability from Beating Benzos Facebook Group...

People in benzo withdrawal are vulnerable. This vulnerability may even lead to updosing, adding further drugs or seeking out that miraculous supplement that doesn’t exist. The dictionary definition for vulnerability is,
‘The quality of being vulnerable = able to be easily hurt, influenced, or attacked.’

The opposite of vulnerable is obviously invulnerable but also, and far more relevant to members here, are the adjectives bulletproof, indestructible, invincible and strong. These are the attributes that need developing so that you can change the vulnerability, that can be the default mode when tapering or in recovery, from a weakness to a strength.

Vulnerability can therefore be turned into your greatest strength. But how?

It’s not easy but it is possible as you learn more and more how to help yourself through the worst times. Everybody here has come this far, found the group, and is therefore determined to recover. That’s a brave start. Now it’s necessary to decide how best to help yourself. This will be different for each of you but the most obvious is to prevent fear developing by choosing to accept and not to fight. This alone will make you stronger.

Educate yourself to the full on all aspects of Benzos and their withdrawal.

Understand why you were first prescribed them and learn how to deal with this once free of drugs and no longer rely on that little pill.

Don’t believe all those labels for different illnesses that your symptoms may be given, that’s just others searching to verify symptoms and refusing to accept their true origin.

Try not to ‘treat’ symptoms with all that may be suggested as you can’t treat symptoms of recovery because they need to happen to bring you to full health. Treating them could be stopping recovery.

Always be aware other people can play into your vulnerability as well giving triggering accounts of their own withdrawal. Please skim over these as these people are not you and have their own stories which you won’t know everything about. There is no excuse for showing a lack of compassion towards other vulnerable people but your strength is in knowing that your passage to full health is unlike that of anybody else’s.

So accept your vulnerability and let it become your strength through knowing yourself fully. Every day of dealing with recovery is making you a stronger and wiser person. You are you and there’s nobody else like you. Be vulnerable but through this become wise and aware.

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