Warrior or Peacemaker

Posted on 25th February 2020

Those that know me will know that I don’t believe in labelling us as warriors. I understand why it’s a term that is often used in benzo withdrawal but the noun ‘warrior’ has a dictionary meaning of a soldier or fighter albeit a brave one. I feel, and this is a personal observation, that we shouldn’t fight all this, we shouldn’t take up battle against our symptoms as this can worsen them. It causes us to focus on them, scream and shout at them and try to control them with any ammunition or tools we have at hand.

From my own experience there has been no doubt that trying to fight the unending symptoms that my body threw up over a long period of time only caused them to become worse and may even have slowed any recovery. Controlling them with anything has mostly set me back into an even greater hell. On the other hand accepting what is happening to me and allowing the symptoms to wax and wane in their own time and trying my best to divert away from them and let them be may have helped them pass faster. This is always with the proviso that medical confirmation shows nothing else is wrong of course. If you get the all clear then perhaps best to give up the fight, escape the groups, talk to friends and let your recovery unfold. It doesn’t have to be a battle.

Are you brave enough to let go of a fighting stance and accept what is for the time being? This will be far less stimulating for the Central Nervous System and allow healing to take place.

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